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Find us at Target!

Find us at Target!

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Big news: Starting today our Ovulation Test and Pregnancy Test will be available on Target.com and select Target stores nationwide.

We’re particularly excited about this launch because we know it will make buying these essential tests more convenient for more people. Who doesn’t love a Target run?

Why you should add MF to your red basket

The Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test is more affordable and just as accurate as the other top-selling tests in stores. Plus, it works with our free iOS app to help you track your cycle and get a recommendation for when it’s best to test for pregnancy.

The Modern Fertility Ovulation Test helps you get in sync with your cycle to find your two most fertile days. Scan and log your tests on the iOS app to track patterns and get smarter predictions.

Where to shop

You can always find us on Target.com, but if you want to shop IRL, we’ll also be on the shelves in 244 Target locations across the country. Find one near your here:

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