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We have a way to track almost everything in our lives–steps, cholesterol, bank statements and family trees. Something as formative as fertility shouldn’t be a mystery. When you take the test, you'll get a custom fertility report and a number on the Fertility Measurement Index that you can track over time. It's a tracking tool you can use to check in on ovarian reserve, ovulation, and general body systems that relate to fertility–year after year.

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  • Ovarian reserve

    It’s a fancy way of saying “the amount of eggs in your ovaries.” We’re born with a set number and they leave our bodies at different rates. Two key hormones, AMH and FSH, can help you understand yours.

  • Ovulation

    It’s the process your body goes through when releasing an egg. When hormones like LH and PRL are working together in harmony, the whole cycle goes smoothly.

  • General body

    Many hormones in your body have multiple functions. Testosterone and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone are two that can have implications for fertility.

Hello hormones

Your personalized report will walk you through what each fertility hormone does, what your levels mean, and how you can discuss them with your doctor.

* Modern Fertility tests between 1 and 9 hormones depending on birth control. The Fertility Measurement Index is meant for wellness tracking purposes only and is currently in beta.

Anti-mullerian hormone

AMH is produced by your follicles. The more AMH they produce, the more eggs you likely have.

Follicle stimulating hormone

FSH is responsible for growing follicles and starting ovulation. Too much FSH can mean your body needs extra oomph to get things moving.


E2 is a sex hormone produced by the ovaries. We test Estradiol along with FSH because it can impact FSH levels.

Luteinizing hormone

LH helps regulate your menstrual cycle.

Thyroid stimulating hormone

TSH is produced by your thyroid gland and regulates thyroid health.

Free thyroxine

Also produced by your thyroid gland, we test FT4 to get the full picture of thyroid function as is relates to fertility.


PRL stimulates milk production and pauses ovulation after you give birth.

Free testosterone

Free T is the amount of testosterone in your body that isn’t yet connected to another hormone.

Total testosterone

Total T is the complete amount of testosterone you have in your body.

  • Anti-mullerian hormone
  • Follicle stimulating hormone
  • Estradiol
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone
  • Free thyroxine
  • Prolactin
  • Free testosterone
  • Total testosterone

* Modern Fertility tests between 1 and 9 hormones depending on birth control. The general fertility score is currently in beta.

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"Having kids always seemed like more of an abstract idea than a concrete plan. The information from this test is just what my husband and I needed to talk about options and figure out a timeline that makes us comfortable."

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