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The Modern Fertility Test

Your personalized test helps you understand your ovarian reserve, ovulation, and other general body systems that relate to fertility.

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A test built specifically for you, based on your birth control.

We'll send you a discreet package that includes everything you need to provide a sample at home.

A fertility score that you can use to get a sense for where you stand.

A physician-ordered and reviewed test as well as custom reports that explain your hormone levels.

Access to a personal dashboard where you can track results over time.

We'll also send raw lab results that you can easily share with a doctor.

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  • Ovarian reserve

    It’s a fancy way of saying “the amount of eggs in your ovaries.” We’re born with a set number and they leave our bodies at different rates. Two key hormones, AMH and FSH, can help you understand yours.

  • Ovulation

    It’s the process your body goes through when releasing an egg. When hormones like LH and P4 are working together in harmony, the whole cycle goes smoothly.

  • General body

    Many hormones in your body have multiple functions. Testosterone and TSH are two that also have implications for fertility. We measure them to round out your fertility score.

When your results are in, you’ll get personalized reports for each hormone we test–right in your dashboard. You’ll see your levels, how they compare with other women your age, and what that means.

Pre-order for $149
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