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Now you can test hormones to track your fertility over time.

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Modern Fertility is the only comprehensive fertility hormone test you can take in your jammies.

A custom hormone test just for you

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Tell us about you, your goals, and whether or not you’re on birth control (Yes! You can test on birth control) and we’ll design a fertility hormone test and walk you through taking it at home or at a lab.

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Strong science that helps you do you

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We’re focused on fertility and we go deep—working with fertility doctors to incorporate the latest research. Three doctors review your hormone levels and if results look abnormal, they’ll recommend a plan for retesting.

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Every question answered— we got you

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We’re on call. Get questions answered with a free 1:1 call with a fertility nurse, join our weekly Egginar, and learn from other women in the Modern Women Community.

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We’re planners, too.

  • female founded

    Female founded

    We wished we had a better way to check in on fertility—so we teamed up with top physicians and experts to build it.

  • research focused

    Research focused

    We reinvest profits into fertility research. Every Modern Fertility customer is helping to move women’s health research forward.

  • physician trusted

    Physician trusted

    We work with top fertility doctors, OB/GYNs, and fertility nurses to support you and your doctor as you check in on fertility.