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Modern Fertility is now in 1,500+ Walmart stores and on Walmart.com

Modern Fertility is now in 1,500+ Walmart stores and on Walmart.com

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Today, I’m so excited to share that there’s a new way to shop Modern Fertility: our Ovulation Test and Pregnancy Test are now available in 1,500+ Walmarts nationwide and on Walmart.com! This is a big moment for Modern Fertility as a women-led, women-focused company teaming up with the largest US retailer — and for people with ovaries everywhere who want fundamental information about their reproductive health.

It’s also a very cool moment for me, personally. The first Walmart came to my hometown in Maryland when I was 11 years old and became a staple of our weekly shopping trips. I vividly remember the joys of back-to-school shopping every year with my little brothers, and standing in front of the poster-board section for way too long picking the color for my science fair board (Classic middle-school Afton.)

Our entire team is so grateful for this step toward making personalized, trusted fertility info much more accessible — and toward including fertility in broader discussion and awareness of women’s health.

Fertility info for everyone

When we were thinking about new ways to get personalized fertility info into the hands of more people, the scale and importance of Walmart was undeniable. With an unparalleled commitment to accessibility, Walmart is uniquely positioned to help us make fertility planning as easy, affordable, and mainstream as buying your next toothbrush.

Walmart’s commitment to accessibility is all the more important when you consider the exclusivity that has surrounded fertility and women’s personal care more broadly. Too often, it seems that modern consumer brands and fertility-related products cater to those with extra money to spend in metropolitan cities. But when it comes to fundamental information about our bodies, access should be a right for all people, not a luxury.

Modern Fertility products are clinically sound, rigorously validated, and look great — and we don’t charge you more for that. In fact, our Pregnancy Test gets you double the number of tests for half the cost of the top-selling options in stores! Our tests and tools are for all people with ovaries, regardless of where you live, who you are, or whether or not you want kids.

Fertility info when you need it — including right now

With fertility products (and especially ovulation and pregnancy testing), we know that sometimes people want that info right now instead of the next available shipping date. (I know I'm not the only one who's popped into a drugstore to pick up a pregnancy test.) Expanding our product offerings into retail is an essential next step to meeting all people with ovaries exactly where they are.

Now that you can shop for Modern Fertility in thousands of Walmart stores (and available on Walmart.com and our own website!), we’ve got you covered no matter when and how you want to get fertility info.

A breath of fresh air in the “family planning” aisle

A walk down the “family planning” aisle at major grocery stores hasn’t exactly been very *inspiring* before. The products can feel gendered, presumptuous about your goals, overly baby-centric, and pretty out of date. Given how crucial these products can be for so many people, shopping for them shouldn’t be an unpleasant — or worst, embarrassing — experience. It doesn’t have to be this way, and I’d argue we’re long overdue for a fresh take on the aisle entirely.

We’re proud to say our Ovulation Test and Pregnancy Test stand out. They’re as accurate as all the top tests while working for all kinds of bodies — even if your cycle is irregular or your hormones aren’t “average” — by letting you track your unique LH surge day by day. They make no assumptions about who you are, why you’re testing, or what your plans are — and look more at home on a shelf of skincare products than the family planning aisle. (That means you’ll find no grinning babies or cheesy platitudes on boxes.)

They’re also the only fertility products that come with a built-in digital experience and support system, from a virtual friend group who really gets it to clinical resources that answer your questions. On all of the packaging you'll find at Walmart, there’s an invitation to join our free Modern Community and get our free app. This way, people shopping at Walmart don't miss out on thousands of conversations covering everything from family planning to trying to conceive, from cycle tracking to current events, as well as countless online info sessions and Q&As. (DM me to say hi in the community — I’m @aftonvechery!).

Want to shop for Modern Fertility at your local Walmart? Check us out here or find the nearest location with Modern Fertility on the shelves:

Shop the Modern Fertility Hormone Test

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Afton Vechery

Afton is the co-founder and CEO of Modern Fertility.

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