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Hear it from her / Modern Fertility

Hear it from her / Modern Fertility

We’d like to reintroduce you to your hormones. The first step toward understanding your fertility? An easy at-home hormone test you can order online. And that's where Modern Fertility comes in.

In my twenties, my early twenties, I, for a number of reasons, decided that I didn't want to have children.

My twenties was spent building my career. I think kind of living this fast track life.

I've been on birth control since I was, you know, X years old. Can I have kids? Like what did this do to my body? Because you never really find out about that.

Maybe I would like to know.

I just want to know.

When I talk about Modern Fertility to my friends, I sort of say it's a really simple way to get more data about a really important topic.

It's super easy. It's like a prick of the finger. You send it away. It comes back. You have like a dashboard with resources where you can find out like where you stand. And it should be like the step that you do before you freeze your eggs.

The fact that it was really affordable, easy to use, and I can do it at home. That was like, kind of like, okay. I'm doing this.

You know, knowledge is power, so you might as well take the test and find and so you can kind of better prepare your life.