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We’d like to reintroduce you to your hormones. The first step toward understanding your fertility? An easy hormone test you can order online. And that's where Modern Fertility comes in.

Meet Modern Fertility, the test that teaches you about your eggs and your fertility hormones.

Here's how it works. Order a test online, swing by a local lab, or take the test at home. Then you'll have access to your fertility profile.

Modern women are waiting longer to have kids. Some of us may be building families soon. Others of us are building up our frequent flyer miles. But these to-dos can complicate things. Almost one in six couples have trouble conceiving, and fertility treatments can add up. The whole thing can feel like a black box. But there are hormone tests that can help us estimate the number of eggs we have, our menopause timing, how we might respond to egg freezing and IVF, or detect any red flags much earlier in life.

The problem, they can be hard to come by and expensive. So we teamed up with world-class doctors and fertility experts to build Modern Fertility. Now every woman can track fertility over time with physician-approved reports and tools, because we modern women need more information and more support.

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