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5 chemicals that may impact your fertility

With this quiz and follow-up report via email, you'll learn how bisphenol A (BPA), parabens, pesticides, phthalates, and sulfates all impact your fertility hormones – and how to avoid them.

Fun fact: 80% of quiz takers get a score of 2-6 –  meaning they've built some good habits but could make even more changes to reduce risk to chemicals that impact fertility hormones. See how you compare!

About Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility is a reproductive health company that helps you get proactive about your fertility. Our products and free tools are here to help you be the expert on your body and your hormones —  whether you’re trying for kids or not:

The Modern Fertility Hormone Test measures the same fertility hormones that a doctor would test in a fertility clinic (for a fraction of the price) and helps you understand how your fertility is changing over time. Our test gives you insight into the number of eggs you have and can help you identify red-flag issues — like PCOS or thyroid conditions — that could affect your reproductive health down the line.

The Modern Fertility Ovulation Test works like magic with our app to help you pinpoint your luteinizing hormone (LH) levels to predict your 2 most fertile days. With our test, you’ll get more insight than just a positive or negative result — you’ll be able to see your LH change daily and track low, high, or peak levels. This is key for understanding whether you're in your fertile window and approaching ovulation (when you have the highest chances of pregnancy).

The Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test is just as accurate from the day of your missed period as leading pregnancy tests — and is also more affordable.

The (free) Modern Fertility App helps you find your fertile window more easily by logging and tracking your periods, sex or insemination, and Ovulation Tests. With the app, you'll get a countdown on when to test for pregnancy.

Our (free) Timeline Tool is a timeline visualizer that uses clinical data to show you what a fertility timeline could look like based on your age and family goals.

The (free) Modern Community is a space for anyone with ovaries to get real about health, careers, planning out our futures, and what it’s like to live in the world today — the good, the bad, and the let’s-talk-this-out. We share articles, we ask for advice, and we dive into research (and nerd out on data) on women’s health and women in business.

Bottom line? We believe that understanding your hormones is the key to understanding your fertility and reproductive health.

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